There are currently 2 memberships available.

After your purchase, the upgrade will automatically start once the purchase is complete in the paypal payment process

It's up to you to get the number of referrals now to arrive at the price estimate.



  • Cashout: 2€
  • Earning per referral click: 0.00010€
  • Earning per click: 0.0001€

Plan Golden

€12 30 days

  • Cashout: 2€
  • Earning per referral click: 0.00250€
  • Earning per click: 0.005€

Earnings Simulation

Based on 5 ads and with a difference of 5 inactive referrals. As a result, revenue will vary due to the number of ads that will increase. Currently we have + 5 ads and with 0.01€ PER CLICKS and 0.0250€ PER REFF


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